As I mentioned in my latest ‘What I’m reading’ post, I’m getting around to the Frieda Klein series by Nicci French, starting from the beginning this time!

I was already a fan of the series, having unwittingly gotten into it at book 6, and I can now say that book 1 is predictably a superb opener.

The story covers two child abductions twenty-two years apart, and without really meaning to, psychiatrist Frieda finds herself wrapped up in the police investigation into them both, assisting the police with her insights.

Frieda herself is a likeable character. You could say that she is somewhat closed off emotionally, but even at that, there are genuine bonds and relationships between her and the other characters in her life which make you warm to her, and them.

The book is a real page-turner, ramping up the tension towards a thrilling ending, and two twists in quick succession make it a very satisfying one.

This book gets a 5/5 from me, and tomorrow I start book #2, Tuesday’s gone.